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Out of clutter, find simplicity

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein ________________________________________________________________ Photo: Sulaymaniyah Music Hall, Iraq. National Geographic February 2010 Julie Adnan via facepalmmozart. Einstein quote via justbesplendid.

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Akademie Olympia – Einstein, Solovine, Habicht

A beautiful post about Albert Einstein at musiqdragonfly – a beautiful blog, one of my favourites. Enjoy the music – Einstein playing Mozart’s K.378, second movement.

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Aching. It’s good.

“If a violin string could ache, I would be that string.” ~Vladimir Nabokov _________________________________________________________ Image: via A Poet Reflects

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This one hurts

“The music is played with the heart and is felt with the soul” This is a picture of a Brazilian kid who was part of the “cultural group of reggae”, playing his instrument in the funeral of his mentor who … Continue reading

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This is fun. Delightful. Not always clear which one is the shadow…

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Times have changed

  _____________________________________________ Source: Married to the Sea

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In the presence of a master

“Play always as if in the presence of a Master.” ~Robert Schumann _________________________________________________________ Image source: via The Music Point Quote source: Tips From Schumann

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Annoying, successful musicians

You know a few. Those really annoying musicians who have excelled with seemingly little effort. The fellow students or colleagues who have a career on the world stages – some of whom partied so much they shouldn’t even be functional. … Continue reading

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Fourteen hours a day

“For 37 years I’ve practiced 14 hours a day, and now they call me a genius.” ~Pablo de Sarasate, Spanish violinist and composer Image: a composers thoughts

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… to affect the soul.

“The end of all good music is to affect the soul.” ~Claudio Monteverdi Image: Je vis pour la musique

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