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Einstein’s Theory. Revised for Musicians.

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Talent in the Real World

If you or your student or anyone else you know is considering music as a profession, there are a number of good websites that give solid advice. Some are geared more to rock/pop/indie music; some are applicable to pretty much … Continue reading

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Jaws and Trills

Friday night, with my daughter, I watched Jaws for the first time in my life. It came out when I was in my teens and simply everybody went to see it – standing in line-ups that went around the block … Continue reading

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Music as medicine

Joy Morin at Color in My Piano posted the following quote today: “Music is the medicine of the breaking heart.” ~Leigh Hunt, English essayist and poet The Lacrymosa from Mozart’s requeim is the perfect medicine for a breaking heart – … Continue reading

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The One-Minute Club

As the year begins to wind down (from my perspective, possibly not from the students’ perspective!), my goal for a number of my 2nd and 3rd year students is to be able to say the letter-names of all the notes … Continue reading

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Doodle Music

Vihart, the Mathemusician, has done another brilliant video about music and math. You could use this to teach melodic contour, symmetry, parallel and contrary motion, stacking 3rds, polyphony….   or you could just watch and enjoy!

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Arpeggios are Fractals

A fractal is a math thing – apparently a relatively recent concept – where the bits of something look the same as the whole. The easiest example to understand is a tree or leaf – the shape of the leaf … Continue reading

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Creative Circles of Fifths

Josh Wells at oddquartet.com has designed a marvellous-looking Circle of Fifths. It will appeal to anyone who has read or seen The Lord of the Rings – or any number of other fantasies.  It will look great on the bulletin board … Continue reading

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Just because I can

I’ve mentioned a few times that I didn’t know how to insert an image of the worksheets that I’ve made myself. Thanks to Joy at Color in my Piano for her suggestions – and to a free downloaded program – … Continue reading

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A Dozen A Day

I grew up seeing these Dozen a Day exercise books (by Edna-Mae Burnam) everywhere. My mom was a piano teacher; I probably used them myself; all my siblings also took lessons so they probably had them as well. I’ve used … Continue reading

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Sound Drama

What if there were no theory exams? What would I, as a theory teacher, do? Exams are only a tool, emphasized Jean Auger-Crowe in her session on teaching SATB as sound drama at the CFMTA Convention. Plan your lessons this … Continue reading

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Colourful Music Theory

One session I attended at the CFMTA Convention was a presentation of a new product designed to make music theory colourful and memorable. The Pianotekneek Notebox is a highly visual and tactile way to teach and re-inforce note names, intervals, … Continue reading

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