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YOU do the counting.

TTM: Talkative Teacher Mode. *Most teachers feel compelled to speak, as if explaining, defining, reminding, admonishing, outlining, encouraging, and a host of other “ings” were of paramount importance, all the time. It’s as if TTM… was a built-in feature of … Continue reading

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Tasty Fix to 3/4 Time

Erica Ann Sipes at Beyond the Notes recently wrote a witty, almost poignant apology to 3/4 time. It is massacred so often. Students invariably add a fourth beat, completely unaware of what they’re doing. There is nothing stable, nothing to ground … Continue reading

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Performance Class: Elementary

A class with a half-dozen 7-9 year-olds, pretty much all starting their second year of piano lessons, needs to be over-prepared with plans, materials, and energy on the part of the teacher! Between the six students, I’m using 3 different … Continue reading

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Teaching cross-rhythms

Ah – that wonderful late intermediate stage – grade 7/8 and up – where those nasty cross-rhythms appear. Playing two against three is fairly straight-forward. It works out to be the equivalent of a quarter, 2 eighths, then another quarter … Continue reading

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Artistry Update

I am continuing in my exploration of the Artistry at the Piano series. In recent weeks I’ve read some of the Pedagogy Manual (download) and watched one of Mary Gae George’s DVDs (Teaching MUSIC… not notes). I’ve mentioned one student … Continue reading

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