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Blow up your blog

Or, in my case: Practice the piano. Regularly. So many reasons to do this. Read more. The Great Pianists. Memoirs of a Geisha. The Lost World of Genesis One. Spend time – lots more time – with family and friends. … Continue reading

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A very generous policy

I stumbled upon this studio policy by a local teacher from a few decades back. I’m struck by the generosity, which overrides an attempt to keep some sense of studio management. This is an inspiration. Perhaps some of us have … Continue reading

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Don’t leave it to chance

I’m big on intervallic note-reading. Once the students get started, they’re away. But they need to get started. And sometimes restart mid-stream. At some point they need the ability to identify cold any given note on the grand staff. And … Continue reading

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When to apply for a piano exam

Apply for an exam when the student is ready.  Of course. But is this how we really operate? I know I usually do things backwards. We – teacher/student/parent – decide at the beginning of the year that we’ll plan on … Continue reading

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Quick. What comes before A?

No beginners this year, but still enough students who cannot tell me instantly what comes before C. Or after G. Time to haul out the alphabet drill again. Taken from one of Mary Gae George’s  videos, the drill consists simply … Continue reading

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Back to where I started. Kind of.

I didn’t mean to take things this far. It started when a friend sent me a list of top apps – some of which were for teaching music. I wrote about my take on apps and the direction I seem … Continue reading

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Back to Business

Two more days of this glorious summer laziness – then we hit (press) the keys again. I’m loading up on caffeine and tackling the business at hand. 1. Assignment Sheets/Binders. I’ve tried so many clever sheets – downloading and tweaking … Continue reading

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Clean. Simple. Deep.

We all do it from time to time. Attempt to rein in the stuff of life that has become clutter – physically, spiritually, professionally, emotionally. We need to. On the heels of last week’s comments about apps (and especially after reading … Continue reading

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Zero to (grade) 6 in 34 (months)

Three years minus two months. From no knowledge of the keyboard to the successful completion of Grade 6. August, 2010 – a call from a mom looking for a history teacher for her 15-year-old daughter, who was working on grade … Continue reading

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I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

Thank you, Orlia for sending the title of the black note camp thing. It’s called I Love Coffee I Love Tea – and here’s a video of it being performed in Carolyn Shaak’s Studio – with a couple “verses” that were … Continue reading

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Thank you, Mr. Searchfield.

Thirty years ago I had finished my one year as a pipe organ major at the University of Calgary. Although a pianist pretty much from birth, I decided to take on this marvelous instrument – God’s instrument, some said. There … Continue reading

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With distractions this time

Performance Classes were held in my studio this week as preparation for the year-end recital. As usual, students were grouped roughly by age and level, although scheduling issues sometimes ended up taking precedence. After the first run-through of the recital … Continue reading

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