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No tortoisian ambling, please

“Slow practice can be a complete waste of time if the mind is not working quickly. Simply to trawl through passages like a contented tortoise is a waste of the felt on your piano’s hammers. Good slow practice is more … Continue reading

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Suicides, pranks, masterclasses

A lesson from Liszt’s masterclass. Franz Liszt invented the masterclass – a piano lesson in public – a format that remains popular today. Stephen Hough, concert pianist and blogger for The Telegraph, writes: “Not all of the students who travelled … Continue reading

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What to wear… what to wear….

To students – yes, you should dress nicely for any performance – festival, competition, even exams. You don’t need an evening gown or a suit and tie, but please, PLEASE don’t show up in sweats and flip-flops (we’ve discussed the … Continue reading

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A composer’s prerogative

I quite enjoy reading pianist/composer/writer Stephen Hough’s posts on culture at The Telegraph; I also follow him on Twitter. He commented on learning one of his own compositions – his 2nd Sonata – in preparation for an upcoming recital in … Continue reading

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No Warm-up? Really?

Stephen Hough, concert pianist by night and writer of things musical, theological and all sorts of things, blogs for The Telegraph (in the U.K.). I stumbled upon a series of practice tips that he wrote fairly recently. One is his … Continue reading

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