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Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Brahms never did marry, but he did have what was described as a “passionate friendship” with his friend Robert Schumann’s wife, Clara Schumann. In today’s words: it’s complicated. Clara hadn’t seen her husband, Robert, in nearly a year since he … Continue reading

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“I want to play the Moonlight Sonata”

“As to choice in the study of your pieces, ask the advice of more experienced persons than yourself; by so doing, you will save much time.” ~Robert Schumann And then, for inspiration, listen to this. Listen – whether or not … Continue reading

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I saw the serpent that is eating your heart.

I bear no grudge, even though my heart may break, eternally lost love! I bear no grudge. However you may shine in the splendor of your diamonds, no ray of light falls in the darkness of your heart. I have … Continue reading

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