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Brain Goals

This is your Brain… on Music.  Our studio incentive program for this year is off to a fine (well, slow – my fault) start this year. I have FINALLY got the pages in everyone’s binder. I printed this on 2 … Continue reading

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It’s all about the brain

After looking at numerous incentive programs, and rejecting many because they’re more complicated than I’d like them to be, I’ve decided to use Jennifer Fink’s This is Your Brain… on Music! (Pianimation) I like this because : (1) It’s easy. It’s … Continue reading

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Use Whatever Works

Any good teacher will relate new or difficult concepts to something the student already knows – “From the known to the unknown” is the familiar educational maxim. As piano teachers of private one-on-one students, we get to know them well … Continue reading

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Teaching note-reading without reading notes

To use an over-used phrase, I was forced to think outside the box with one of my young students this fall. He has now had a year and a half of lessons but can barely read any notes. Being strongly … Continue reading

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Tasty Fix to 3/4 Time

Erica Ann Sipes at Beyond the Notes recently wrote a witty, almost poignant apology to 3/4 time. It is massacred so often. Students invariably add a fourth beat, completely unaware of what they’re doing. There is nothing stable, nothing to ground … Continue reading

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Performance Classes

We’re in the midst of Performance Classes this week. I’m having my Christmas Piano Parties over the next 2 weekends, so the primary focus of the classes is to prepare for the recitals. A few students missed last weeks’ lessons, … Continue reading

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Performance Class: Elementary

A class with a half-dozen 7-9 year-olds, pretty much all starting their second year of piano lessons, needs to be over-prepared with plans, materials, and energy on the part of the teacher! Between the six students, I’m using 3 different … Continue reading

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Teaching cross-rhythms

Ah – that wonderful late intermediate stage – grade 7/8 and up – where those nasty cross-rhythms appear. Playing two against three is fairly straight-forward. It works out to be the equivalent of a quarter, 2 eighths, then another quarter … Continue reading

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Fingering – the solution to most problems

One of my regrets is that I didn’t take the piano pedagogy course during my university studies. It conflicted with a shift that I had working in the library on campus, and I thought the few dollars a week were … Continue reading

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Teaching Adult Students

Susan Griesdale, a Red Leaf Pianoworks composer and author of an excellent Rhythm Practice book, spoke on a topic she knows well at the recent CFMTA Convention. She started piano lessons as an adult herself, and now teaches many adults. In … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Kevin Coan on Introduction to Music from Artistry at the Piano

The Yahoo Piano Teacher’s Forum is a fabulous place to lurk, and maybe even contribute. I’ve learned loads of things about the standard method books from other teachers there, as well as many other resources (older) that I haven’t ever … Continue reading

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Performance Classes: Beginner and Elementary

Like the Late Elementary class earlier in the week, the other 2 classes were focused mainly on the performance of the Top 5 pieces. I managed to squeeze in a couple of other activities: Poison Rhythm – a listening activity; … Continue reading

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