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No tortoisian ambling, please

“Slow practice can be a complete waste of time if the mind is not working quickly. Simply to trawl through passages like a contented tortoise is a waste of the felt on your piano’s hammers. Good slow practice is more … Continue reading

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Go away. I’m practising.

  Painting by Berthe Morisot (France, 1841-1895). Image via Amanda Clyne.  

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Step back from the panic

Exams start in two weeks. Some students will be ready. Some will not. I’m in a state of panic. And not quite sure why some students are not experiencing the same. I have to look back on the last few … Continue reading

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Decipher the handwriting. And more.

“You have survived this season’s run of music festivals and competitions. You have your certificate. Maybe you even earned an award. Perhaps now you’re asking yourself, “Now what?” Please bring your written adjudication sheet(s) to your next music lesson … Your … Continue reading

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Let the kids do the work

Performance classes this week. Focus: a good hand position. I harp about this week in and week out. Take pains to make sure they’re sitting correctly at the lesson with strict instructions to go home and do likewise. Give all … Continue reading

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Musings on memory

Unscientific, anecdotal, and experiential musings on the five ways we memorize – in no particular order. We naturally have strengths in one or more areas, but I believe all should be developed and consciously thought through when we’re teaching memorization. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Practice

A few thoughts on practicing from an article in the Wall Street Journal – an article that applies practice as musicians and athletes know it to other areas. Italicized comments are my own thoughts. “Practice lets us execute a task … Continue reading

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Yes. I’m doing the right thing.

Big internal struggle. Did I push them too hard? Were the lessons so exhausting that they’re going to lose some of the enjoyment of music? Two lessons last night – an hour each – both are good students who have … Continue reading

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