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You win some. You lose some.

Reflections after the student Christmas Recitals. Win some:¬†Best comment from a parent: “I can’t keep her off the piano. In the middle of dinner she has to get up to play a piece before she finishes eating.” Lose some: This … Continue reading

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A spooky sound

Just in time for Hallowe’en-ish music – or any other music that could be conceived of as spooky – here’s a tip from Elissa Milne’s P Plate Piano beginner books via David McKay. Depress the bottom few keys without sounding … Continue reading

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It’s OK. Play a wrong note.

Last spring we heard an excellent talk by Edwin Gnandt (Professor¬†at Ambrose University College) on the shifts in piano playing and teaching from the Romantic Period to the current scene. A summary can be found by clicking here. Last week … Continue reading

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Attitude Adjustment

You go to workshops and conferences hoping to learning something new. How much you learn depends in part on how much you already knew. Some sessions are great, some are not. Sometimes I walk away thinking I don’t know a … Continue reading

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Small Hands

I’m no expert on this topic. My hands, while not large, are not so small that I can’t get around a lot of stuff (I can reach a 9th comfortably enough). I do somehow end up with a lot of … Continue reading

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12 Most Written Comments on Exams

A number of years ago I went to a Conservatory Canada teacher workshop given by Ontario teacher and examiner Emily Dow. She presented the listening protocol used by examiners and left us with this useful list. I’m sure we’ll all … Continue reading

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The Studio Wall

Time to celebrate 2 more winners in the 50 Piece Challenge! Two wonderful students received a book of fun, fun music and got their pictures added to the wall. The one student was just bothered that he hadn’t been the … Continue reading

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What to wear… what to wear….

To students – yes, you should dress nicely for any performance – festival, competition, even exams. You don’t need an evening gown or a suit and tie, but please, PLEASE don’t show up in sweats and flip-flops (we’ve discussed the … Continue reading

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A composer’s prerogative

I quite enjoy reading pianist/composer/writer Stephen Hough’s posts on culture at The Telegraph; I also follow him on Twitter. He commented on learning one of his own compositions – his 2nd Sonata – in preparation for an upcoming recital in … Continue reading

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No advantage for lefties

Almost everyone struggles more with the left hand (LH) than the right hand (RH) – especially in technical passages, and especially when the LH line is descending, moving from the stronger to the weaker part of the hand, “backwards” in … Continue reading

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Be orderly… then violent

Another great article and interview at ON THE BENCH features the piano duo Greg Anderson and Liz Roe. They continue to produce fabulous arrangements for piano duo that smash any stereotypes of sisters playing duets in matching dresses. In the … Continue reading

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“Page-turner” redefined

This is for anyone who has been nervous about being asked to turn pages for a pianist. Beethoven was giving a concert at a court in Vienna one night in 1795 or 1796, playing a Mozart concerto. He had asked … Continue reading

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