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Bullies and their enemies

I love my new beginners ♥ I don’t remember any other year when I’ve had such a delightful bunch of Brand New Beginners. They’ve all had that important first lesson now and it’s going to be a fun year! I … Continue reading

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First Lessons

In 3 hours students arrive. The first 2 are brand new beginners. That first lesson is so important. I’ll never forget Dennis Alexander relating the story of his very first lesson. His teacher told him to come on in, for … Continue reading

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It’s all about the brain

After looking at numerous incentive programs, and rejecting many because they’re more complicated than I’d like them to be, I’ve decided to use Jennifer Fink’s This is Your Brain… on Music! (Pianimation) I like this because : (1) It’s easy. It’s … Continue reading

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Contrapuntal Music for Young Students

I’ve been reading Joan Last’s The Young Pianist (first published 1954, Oxford) – not from beginning to end, but in bits and pieces. The chapter on interpretation offers many very good, helpful points about music in general, playing the piano … Continue reading

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Performance Class: Elementary

A class with a half-dozen 7-9 year-olds, pretty much all starting their second year of piano lessons, needs to be over-prepared with plans, materials, and energy on the part of the teacher! Between the six students, I’m using 3 different … Continue reading

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Wisdom from a Workshop

Under the category “What you assume your students know,” we can add the key and time signatures of their pieces, without looking at the score. Shocking – but true, even for some advanced students! Just try it with your students. … Continue reading

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Alphabet Drill

The emphasis on intervallic reading and pattern recognition found in a number of method books is all fine and good; essential, even, for long-term reading ability and fluency. At the beginner stage, though, sometimes the very basic alphabet is not … Continue reading

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Don’t Assume They Know What SIGHT-READ Means

I thought I made it so clear. This year’s 50 Piece Challenge is largely sight-reading focused. The idea is to sight-read something every day – and maybe pick an extra little ditty along the way to work on and play … Continue reading

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And so on back to Beethoven

My Piano Teacher Lineage Theodore Leschetizky is legendary in piano teacher circles. He was a Polish pianist, teacher and composer who lived from 1830-1915. Much has been said about his “method” of teaching, although he was “in principle no friend … Continue reading

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Teaching your own children

I have taught my own children to play piano. At this point I can say it has been successful. I get many comments and questions about this; it doesn’t always work and people want to know what I’ve done to … Continue reading

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Canadian Source for Artistry Books

Before Christmas I placed a few orders for Artistry at the Piano materials directly from the Artistry online ordering service. I had no problems, but had to wait a couple of weeks and once had to pay duty. There is … Continue reading

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Patterns for Piano by Jon George

While searching the Artistry at the Piano website, I saw this book that was also available. Based strictly on the title, I ordered it. It came in the mail; I read through it and immediately ordered 5 more copies. It … Continue reading

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