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Go away. I’m practising.

  Painting by Berthe Morisot (France, 1841-1895). Image via Amanda Clyne.  

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In the Technique Box* (part 1)

There are three boxes of technique books sitting on the shelf, organized according to the level: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. These are used books. Stuff that I pull out for students as needed. My beginner and elementary students use the … Continue reading

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Be compulsive. Be pathological. And be exuberant.

“Music suited me, because, I think, that in order to be a musician, one has to be compulsive. There is an innate compulsion, as in every other activity that requires a search for perfection. I think that all children who … Continue reading

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Yes. I’m doing the right thing.

Big internal struggle. Did I push them too hard? Were the lessons so exhausting that they’re going to lose some of the enjoyment of music? Two lessons last night – an hour each – both are good students who have … Continue reading

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“Page-turner” redefined

This is for anyone who has been nervous about being asked to turn pages for a pianist. Beethoven was giving a concert at a court in Vienna one night in 1795 or 1796, playing a Mozart concerto. He had asked … Continue reading

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Beethoven Sonatas

With a touch of sadness, I finished sight-reading through all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. The last sonata, opus 111, one of his last compositions, is fittingly in C Major, that most “homey” of all home keys. It ends with … Continue reading

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