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Worth a thousand lifetimes

On behalf of all my singer friends, I must protest the separation of “singers” and “musicians.” Otherwise, this quote is spot on. “Singers and Musicians are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth. They … Continue reading

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Grab me by the throat

You have two bars to make me want to listen to this piece. The performance is in six weeks. You know the piece. The details – voicing, shaping, structure, pedal – have all been worked out. Now it’s time to … Continue reading

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Be compulsive. Be pathological. And be exuberant.

“Music suited me, because, I think, that in order to be a musician, one has to be compulsive. There is an innate compulsion, as in every other activity that requires a search for perfection. I think that all children who … Continue reading

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No hope for any of us…

  Image: via The Piano Blog

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The Virtuosi

The Romantic period – with its technological innovations and the invention of the solo recital with its new recital standard of playing everything from memory (thank you, Franz Liszt) – gave rise to the virtuoso musician.  “Virtuoso” is not always … Continue reading

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How to Compose???

Stephen Hough, the British pianist, composer and writer, posted a couple of articles about whether one can be a musician and not compose and, conversely, whether one can has to be able to read or play music to be a … Continue reading

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