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Nobleman, lutenist, composer, and murderer

Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613), was, according to ‘Wikipedia: “an Italian nobleman, lutenist, composer, and murderer.” Way to bury the lead, Wikipedia. Gesualdo discovered that his wife and a duke were having an affair, so it’s speculated that he pretended to leave … Continue reading

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Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Brahms never did marry, but he did have what was described as a “passionate friendship” with his friend Robert Schumann’s wife, Clara Schumann. In today’s words: it’s complicated. Clara hadn’t seen her husband, Robert, in nearly a year since he … Continue reading

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Rejoice. There’s a disconnect.

Thought I had my summer reading material planned. A couple of books by Harold Schonberg have been started but not finished – The Great Pianists and Lives of the Great Composers. I love his writing. He brings to life the … Continue reading

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Brahms was Chilean

Originally posted on Bibliolore:
To honor Brahms’s 180th birthday, let’s recall the article about his birthplace that ignited a musicological firestorm! In “Brahms era chileno” (Pauta: Cuadernos de teoría y crítica musical, no. 63 [July-Sept 1997] pp. 39–44), the Argentine composer…

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It’s okay to not love Beethoven

Tchaikovsky didn’t. He adored Mozart. And considered Bach, Handel, Gluck and Haydn mere forerunners to Mozart. From his diaries (1886):  “… I shall start with Beethoven, whom it is usual to praise unconditionally and whom it is commanded to worship … Continue reading

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The really big picture

Music history – from antiquity to the present – in 8 minutes. By one of those awesome illustrators. I bow to such talent. Complete with all the musical examples.

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Blogs worth exploring

A few treasures I’ve discovered in the last few weeks: Weird Music History – You won’t find a bio of Bach or Chopin here. You will find snippets of interesting trivia from Beethoven, the Beatles, and beyond – written/compiled by … Continue reading

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Before you hit pause…

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Repetitive Music

Here’s something I couldn’t have said better myself – why saying you don’t like a particular genre because it is repetitive is not valid. This is my 20-year-old son, who is a geology student at University and does a lot … Continue reading

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