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Close enough: 50 Piece Challenge Wrap-up

My grade 3 math teacher once drew an illustration on the blackboard – with chalk – that has stuck with me. A student had given an answer for a question that was a bit off. The teacher said he was … Continue reading

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The Studio Wall

Time to celebrate 2 more winners in the 50 Piece Challenge! Two wonderful students received a book of fun, fun music and got their pictures added to the wall. The one student was just bothered that he hadn’t been the … Continue reading

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Bach, Bartok, Brahms, Bortkewicz, Burgmuller, Busoni, Buxtehude

Having completed all the As in my stash of unread music (one volume, 5 pieces of Albeniz), it’s time to move on the the Bs. This will take me a while. I’ve already sight-read through or performed or taught a … Continue reading

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And so on back to Beethoven

My Piano Teacher Lineage Theodore Leschetizky is legendary in piano teacher circles. He was a Polish pianist, teacher and composer who lived from 1830-1915. Much has been said about his “method” of teaching, although he was “in principle no friend … Continue reading

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Sound Drama

What if there were no theory exams? What would I, as a theory teacher, do? Exams are only a tool, emphasized Jean Auger-Crowe in her session on teaching SATB as sound drama at the CFMTA Convention. Plan your lessons this … Continue reading

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Teaching Adult Students

Susan Griesdale, a Red Leaf PianoworksĀ composer and author of an excellent Rhythm Practice book, spoke on a topic she knows well at the recent CFMTA Convention. She started piano lessons as an adult herself, and now teaches many adults. In … Continue reading

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TITANIC – A Voyage in Piano Music

We are fascinated with the story of the RMS Titanic – its voyage and its fate. Rebekah Maxner has written and arranged music for Beginner-Elementary students that recount the tale of the Titanic. This is “original music that captures the … Continue reading

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Buying Music

As we wrap up this year of teaching and start to prepare ideas and plans for next year, the issue of parents buying more or fewer books always comes up. Elissa Milne, one of my favourite bloggers, wrote an excellent … Continue reading

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Artistry Update

I am continuing in my exploration of the Artistry at the Piano series. In recent weeks I’ve read some of the Pedagogy Manual (download) and watched one of Mary Gae George’s DVDs (Teaching MUSIC… not notes). I’ve mentioned one student … Continue reading

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