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Living pianos

The piano: a complex set of mechanics that results in the creation and re-creation of the widest range of sounds – exquisite, exciting, dynamic, dreamy – an all-purpose instrument, complete, lending itself to every genre – solo, or as part … Continue reading

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They don’t call it the Romantic Period for nothing

~ another gem from “The Great Pianists” (Harold C. Schonberg) We teach our students that “program music” was one of the innovations and staples of the Romantic Period. Music was ABOUT something – and audiences received literal programs that explained … Continue reading

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Pedaling the Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven has given us the following mystifying instructions at the beginning of the Moonlight Sonata:   “Si deve suonare tutto questo pezzo delicatissimamente e senza sordino” which in plain English means to put the damper pedal down for the entire movement. … Continue reading

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