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When it’s OK to give up marks. And when it’s not.

A friend and colleague in town also blogs. She’s been blogging longer than I have. We meet for coffee sometimes to talk about teaching and blogging and all kinds of things. A couple of weeks ago we met with Kay, … Continue reading

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Memory: 3 Tips and 3 Posts

“For me there was something touching about seeing a great pianist play a Bach prelude and fugue using the score. Every wondrous element of this complex music is right on the page. It looks almost as beautiful as it sounds.”*  … Continue reading

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Musings on memory

Unscientific, anecdotal, and experiential musings on the five ways we memorize – in no particular order. We naturally have strengths in one or more areas, but I believe all should be developed and consciously thought through when we’re teaching memorization. … Continue reading

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Memory Issues

I don’t get it. Are some students destined to never be able to perform from memory? No matter how hard I work with some they just can’t do it. I’ve pulled out all the stops – worked on all 5 memory … Continue reading

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