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A few musings on methods

Given the width and depth of early teaching materials available, I don’t like to stick with one method. New stuff is coming out all the time and I like to explore it. To be able to toss in any supplementary … Continue reading

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YOU do the counting.

TTM: Talkative Teacher Mode. *Most teachers feel compelled to speak, as if explaining, defining, reminding, admonishing, outlining, encouraging, and a host of other “ings” were of paramount importance, all the time. It’s as if TTM… was a built-in feature of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Practice

A few thoughts on practicing from an article in the Wall Street Journal – an article that applies practice as musicians and athletes know it to other areas. Italicized comments are my own thoughts. “Practice lets us execute a task … Continue reading

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Getting Started in Artistry at the Piano

These are my own unofficial, unsanctioned, unapproved thoughts from my own experiences over the last half-year about getting started teaching Artistry at the Piano. Please don’t blame the method for any deficiencies in my thoughts and presentations! Now that the … Continue reading

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Artistry Update

I am continuing in my exploration of the Artistry at the Piano series. In recent weeks I’ve read some of the Pedagogy Manual (download) and watched one of Mary Gae George’s DVDs (Teaching MUSIC… not notes). I’ve mentioned one student … Continue reading

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Patterns for Piano by Jon George

While searching the Artistry at the Piano website, I saw this book that was also available. Based strictly on the title, I ordered it. It came in the mail; I read through it and immediately ordered 5 more copies. It … Continue reading

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