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Joyous Goldbergs

A warm August morning. The foothills of southern Alberta still green, the majestic Rocky Mountains just ahead. It was a lovely, lonely stretch of highway. I was driving the car; my husband was just ahead of me cycling up the … Continue reading

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Take a line for a walk

“When performing Bach one is constantly reminded of Paul Klee’s dictum that the art of drawing is ‘taking a line for a walk’.” ~ Peter Hill _______________________________________________________________ Quote by Peter Hill, in the liner notes of his recording of Bach’s … Continue reading

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Composers refuse to be bound by rules

“Some people will perhaps wonder why I have undertaken to write about music, there being so many works by outstanding men who have treated the subject most thoroughly and learnedly; and more especially, why I should be doing so just … Continue reading

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Brain scarf

File this one under “What will they think of next?” NeuroKnitting. You end up getting to wear a knitted scarf with a pattern based on your own brain activity while listening to, in this case, some of the Goldberg Variations. … Continue reading

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Intensely interior music

My own experience of the Bach’s Goldberg Variations is Glenn Gould’s 1981 recording. My interpretation is Gould’s. Such is the power of the first hearing of a piece of music. I’m not alone in this. Nor am I alone in … Continue reading

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Memory: 3 Tips and 3 Posts

“For me there was something touching about seeing a great pianist play a Bach prelude and fugue using the score. Every wondrous element of this complex music is right on the page. It looks almost as beautiful as it sounds.”*  … Continue reading

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Rules for Playing Bach

After finishing the book, I read the beginning. I sight-read both volumes of the Well-Tempered Clavier – and then read the preface. I should have started with it. The Associated Board edition is edited and introduced by Donald Francis Tovey, … Continue reading

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It has to be Bach

This showed up on Facebook this morning (Classical Musicians Everywhere) with the caption “Felix Baumgartner says Hello to The Piano Guys.” I love it. Yes – imagine what The Piano Guys could do with this! I’m thinking this has to … Continue reading

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Bach, Bartok, Brahms, Bortkewicz, Burgmuller, Busoni, Buxtehude

Having completed all the As in my stash of unread music (one volume, 5 pieces of Albeniz), it’s time to move on the the Bs. This will take me a while. I’ve already sight-read through or performed or taught a … Continue reading

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It’s All Sacred

It was with some concern that I recently read a review of a manual on how to teach piano to the glory of God. My concern was not with the review; it was thoughtful and well-written. But I question why … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Nerve?

So you want to write a fugue.You got the urge to write a fugue.                                                     … Continue reading

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Simply Divine

Angela Hewitt was simply divine Thursday night. It was the most inspirational recital/concert I’ve attended for quite a long time. In the last 10 years, since I have chosen to focus more exclusively on teaching, I’ve re-discovered my first love … Continue reading

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