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Rejoice. There’s a disconnect.

Thought I had my summer reading material planned. A couple of books by Harold Schonberg have been started but not finished – The Great Pianists and Lives of the Great Composers. I love his writing. He brings to life the … Continue reading

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New on my Bookshelf

Last week I aquired a few more books to add to my collection of Books-Waiting-to-be-Read. I loved The Virtuosi by Harold Schonberg¬†and ordered his The Lives of the Great Composers, and The Great Pianists. He brings history and peope to … Continue reading

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The Virtuosi

The Romantic period – with its technological innovations and the invention of the solo recital with its new recital standard of playing everything from memory (thank you, Franz Liszt) – gave rise to the virtuoso musician. ¬†“Virtuoso” is not always … Continue reading

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