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In the Technique Box* (part 1)

There are three boxes of technique books sitting on the shelf, organized according to the level: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. These are used books. Stuff that I pull out for students as needed. My beginner and elementary students use the … Continue reading

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Brain Goals

This is your Brain… on Music. ¬†Our studio incentive program for this year is off to a fine (well, slow – my fault) start this year. I have FINALLY got the pages in everyone’s binder. I printed this on 2 … Continue reading

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Learning WAY beyond his level

A 14-year-old student brought a copy of Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 #2 to the lesson last week and asked if he could learn it. He said he was prepared and willing to take the whole year. You’ll have surmised by … Continue reading

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First Lessons

In 3 hours students arrive. The first 2 are brand new beginners. That first lesson is so important. I’ll never forget Dennis Alexander relating the story of his very first lesson. His teacher told him to come on in, for … Continue reading

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Advanced Technique Workshop

The idea of practicing technique gets a bad rap. So why do it? In Canada, where we have a firmly entrenched exam system with required technical elements, the main reason seems to be to pass that component. We might acknowledge … Continue reading

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And so on back to Beethoven

My Piano Teacher Lineage Theodore Leschetizky is legendary in piano teacher circles. He was a Polish pianist, teacher and composer who lived from 1830-1915. Much has been said about his “method” of teaching, although he was “in principle no friend … Continue reading

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A Dozen A Day

I grew up seeing these Dozen a Day exercise books (by Edna-Mae Burnam) everywhere. My mom was a piano teacher; I probably used them myself; all my siblings also took lessons so they probably had them as well. I’ve used … Continue reading

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