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Lament for the Polar Bear

This stunning artwork by Alaskan artist Bob Patterson is on the cover of Susan Griesdale’s book of Piano Solos called Arctic Voices. She has captured the sound and feel of the Arctic in this collection – with pieces like Arctic … Continue reading

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Hand Positions

I’ve been on a Fix-Your-Hand-Position kick this week. Shelagh McKibben-U’Ren, moderator of the RCM Piano Teachers Yahoo group, posted a while ago that she takes pictures of her students sitting at the piano with a good posture, then prints the … Continue reading

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Wisdom from a Workshop

Under the category “What you assume your students know,” we can add the key and time signatures of their pieces, without looking at the score. Shocking – but true, even for some advanced students! Just try it with your students. … Continue reading

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Industrial Revolutions Per Minute

Catchy title – catchy piece – this is a Piano Trio for One Piano, Six Hands by Red Leaf composer Janet Gieck. I heard it performed at the CFMTA Convention and promptly made my way to the trade show to … Continue reading

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Pedalling Beethoven

If you’re like me, you usually ignore the pedal markings in the Beethoven Sonatas and just do what sounds good. Turns out, this is the right way to approach it! Dr. Christine Vanderkooy, Associate Professor of Piano at the University … Continue reading

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Sound Drama

What if there were no theory exams? What would I, as a theory teacher, do? Exams are only a tool, emphasized Jean Auger-Crowe in her session on teaching SATB as sound drama at the CFMTA Convention. Plan your lessons this … Continue reading

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Teaching Adult Students

Susan Griesdale, a Red Leaf Pianoworks composer and author of an excellent Rhythm Practice book, spoke on a topic she knows well at the recent CFMTA Convention. She started piano lessons as an adult herself, and now teaches many adults. In … Continue reading

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TITANIC – A Voyage in Piano Music

We are fascinated with the story of the RMS Titanic – its voyage and its fate. Rebekah Maxner has written and arranged music for Beginner-Elementary students that recount the tale of the Titanic. This is “original music that captures the … Continue reading

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Colourful Music Theory

One session I attended at the CFMTA Convention was a presentation of a new product designed to make music theory colourful and memorable. The Pianotekneek Notebox is a highly visual and tactile way to teach and re-inforce note names, intervals, … Continue reading

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Listen to Your Inner Voices

Dr. James Parker, pianist in the Gryphon Trio, as well as faculty member at the University of Toronto, presented a session on voicing the inner lines at the CFMTA Convention last week. “Music is not a democracy,” he said, “There … Continue reading

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CFMTA: “Turning Over a New Leaf”

I was excited to meet the composers from Red Leaf Pianoworks at the CFMTA Convention in Regina, SK last week.  Red Leaf is a collective of composers from coast to coast in Canada.  Co-incidentally, not intentionally, they are all female. … Continue reading

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