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Sight-reading Beethoven

I’ve made it all the way up to the Hammer-Klavier Sonata, opus 106. It’s probably the hardest of Beethoven’s solo piano works, written quite late in his life. I’ve been reading through all the Beethoven Sonatas,

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Confronting Opus 22

In my quest to sight-read through all of Beethoven’s Sonatas, I knew I would at one point turn the page and there would be Opus 22 – mocking me, testing me to see if I have grown up yet. It … Continue reading

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Pedalling Beethoven

If you’re like me, you usually ignore the pedal markings in the Beethoven Sonatas and just do what sounds good. Turns out, this is the right way to approach it! Dr. Christine Vanderkooy, Associate Professor of Piano at the University … Continue reading

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