A craving. In the sound studio of the imagination (Pinsky)

A ghost to disturb your repose (Chopin)

A hidden sense of sorrows (Wilde)

An outburst of the soul (Milhaud)

Be compulsive. Be pathological. And be exuberant (Grimaud)

Beethoven. Terrified. (Beethoven)

Dancing metronomes (Tomkins)

Dona nobis pacem

Enough for a lifetime (Rachmaninoff)

Forget respect. Just love. (Stravinsky)

Fourteen hours a day (Sarasate)

Gratitude. Gift-wrapped and delivered. (Ward)

He isn’t safe. But he’s good. (C.S.Lewis)

It starts in kindergarten (Kodaly)

It’s not work at all (Reilly)

“I want to play the Moonlight” (Schumann)

It’s Easy (Bernstein)

More Practice. More. More. (Unknown)

Mysterious and beyond language (Pearson)

Nighttime is for sleeping (Britten)

Patience and solitude, love and madness (Courtenay)

Relief in music (Eliot)

Remove the mask.

Repetition is hope (Millman)

Strength in my limbs and ideas in my brain (Elliot)

… to affect the Soul (Monteverdi)

We are listening to an expanded present (Watts)

Work to gain mastery (Michelangelo)

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