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  1. Hello, LaDona, I stumbled across your site whilst googling to see if there was yet a review of the CYO’s performance yesterday in Paris (Eglise de la Madeleine), as Phoebe played those lovely Debussy Danses on her harp …and, low and behold, there was your delightful review! Yes, I felt that Bryn’s Rautavaara was the highlight of the show, and agree with all you said about the orchestra. The competition (and yes, bless Dale), and the rehearsals with Rolf and the Civic were the highlight of Phoebe’s musical life thus far; and, had she not grown so much through that, she would not have played yesterday in Paris. Very humbling to watch, for us parents. Just in case you’d like to hear it again, here is a private link to the Civic and Phoebe from April 12th. : ) Best wishes, and greetings from James to Mark! Jessica (Powell)

    • Hi Jessica,
      Lovely to hear from you! It was indeed a lovely concert and Phoebe played beautifully. Thank you for the link – nice to hear it again!
      I’m so glad it was such a positive experience. One of my daughters (oboist) will be entering the C3 in the next year or two – I’m sure I’ll be much more nervous than she will be.
      All the best, and thanks for leaving the comment,

  2. Jessica Powell says:

    Sorry this has taken so long, Ladona: Happy Christmas and New Year! Glad you enjoyed hearing Phoebe again. She had a fantastic time in France and can’t wait to got back there. I shall look forward very much to hearing your daughter play her oboe in the C3 competition when the time comes (please let me know!), and wish her all the best.

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