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The Great Exam Experiment

I’m a believer in the piano exam system. It’s a motivator, it keeps teachers on track, it ensures students learn a wide range of repertoire style and technical and musical skills (depending on the particular exam system). Not insignificantly, it’s … Continue reading

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Congratulations are due

My daughter was part of the winning choir in their category at Young Prague 2014 last month. The announcement that the winning choir was “all the way from Canada” set off a storm of excited screams. Congratulations to the William Aberhart High … Continue reading

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Wednesday Question: Why Don’t Parents Support Piano Lessons?

Originally posted on Susan Paradis' Piano Teacher Resources:
Dear Susan. I am so frustrated. Why do parents put students in piano lessons but do not support me as a teacher? They don’t practice, miss lessons, and even come to lessons…

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Music from the head

“The new kind of music seems to create not from the heart but from the head. Its composers think rather than feel. They have not the capacity to make their works exalt – they meditate, protest, analyze, reason, calculate and … Continue reading

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Renoir at work

A beautiful film of the great Impressionist painter Renoir at work. Helping him is his son; the other man in the film is Sacha Guitry, the man who made the film. Love the film. And I love the music – … Continue reading

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Fearlessly embrace things that seem odd

Vihart – the mathemusician – has done it again. A brilliant video that teaches, inspires, and makes you fall in love with something you never thought you would. Her video on the overtone series is required for my history students. … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces of you

__________________________________________________________ Image: missypuppylove

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Sound Braid

A strangely comforting piece of polyphonic music by mathemusician Vihart, complete with visuals in the form of doodling. You might even pick up one or two tidbits of math. For more of her videos, check out her YouTube channel.

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That black note Camp thing

This is the last week of lessons for the school year. The recital was Saturday, so for most, the lessons have been spent wrapping up loose ends and having a bit of fun. Notes have been made for fall. Not … Continue reading

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Composers refuse to be bound by rules

“Some people will perhaps wonder why I have undertaken to write about music, there being so many works by outstanding men who have treated the subject most thoroughly and learnedly; and more especially, why I should be doing so just … Continue reading

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The brain zaps; the spirit soars.

Exposure. It’s all about exposure. And knowledge. Expose your ears, your eyes, your brain, your heart to new stuff. Then things happen. The music, the art, the literature, the architecture all become less unfamiliar. You see and hear the patterns. … Continue reading

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The soul of genius

“True genius without heart is a thing of nought – for not great understanding alone, not intelligence alone, nor both together, make genius.  Love! Love! Love! that is the soul of genius.” ~Baron Nikolaus von Jacquin (1727-1817), a scientist who … Continue reading

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