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No tortoisian ambling, please

“Slow practice can be a complete waste of time if the mind is not working quickly. Simply to trawl through passages like a contented tortoise is a waste of the felt on your piano’s hammers. Good slow practice is more … Continue reading

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Was it the piano or the pianist?

I recently went to a recital given by last year’s Honens winner Pavel Kolesnikov. It was on the new C. Bechstein piano recently acquired by the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts. This was the piano’s debut. My interest … Continue reading

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Pianos should be everywhere?

Hmmm … several thoughts leap to mind. you can play and record pretty Tchaikovsky or Chopin tunes and not have to add in the sound of the ocean later. Should sell well. what is the humidity doing to the tuning? … Continue reading

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The Back Room

It was a small war-time house with white wood siding and red trim. A few metres away sat a garage. The door was nearly falling off the hinges, barely protecting the navy blue VW bug inside. In June mature lilac … Continue reading

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Changes at Steinway

I don’t know the stats, but according to their own ads, at least, Steinway pianos are overwhelmingly the first choice of most pianists as a concert instrument. The touch and sound are perfect. Steinway has a reputation for a reason. … Continue reading

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The horrors live on

From The Leading Tone on Tumblr: Sometimes I just don’t know. Part of me believes that I would have been pretty comfortable living and working in the XIX century, but then I come across horrors like this: I was merely … Continue reading

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Those funky looking pianos

My long-time friend and now piano teacher Tim Spicer came across some wild-looking pianos. Here, in a guest post, are some of his favourites and his thoughts on the whole thing: So the world is often changing. It is inevitable, … Continue reading

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Protect Your Piano

Yesterday was glorious. A warm spring day. I sat on the front porch with a good book, soaking up the warmth and light. Today it’s snowing. Again. Calgary, Alberta (Canada) is particularly bad for temperature and humidity swings. It can … Continue reading

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Yes. They have their place.

I should be careful about making big, bold, never-ever statements. They generally come back to bite me. For years I gave electric, then digital pianos no thought. Spoke out against them. Memories of trying to accompany choirs in awkward places … Continue reading

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Life is like a piano

  _________________________________________________________ via blog of a pianist

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“Everything depends on good fingering”

Those were Chopin’s words. Chopin played with a simple, natural position of the hands – and used the easiest fingering. Which was sometimes against the rules. We know he played with a beautiful singing legato touch. He used lots of … Continue reading

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Now what?

    _________________________________________________________ Source: The Music Point

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