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Congratulations are due

My daughter was part of the winning choir in their category at Young Prague 2014 last month. The announcement that the winning choir was “all the way from Canada” set off a storm of excited screams. Congratulations to the William Aberhart High … Continue reading

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Was it the piano or the pianist?

I recently went to a recital given by last year’s Honens winner Pavel Kolesnikov. It was on the new C. Bechstein piano recently acquired by the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts. This was the piano’s debut. My interest … Continue reading

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Yay! I can just use my ear

or How To Pedal Chopin’s Waltzes Another great session at the recent APTA Conference was Allen Reiser’s Chopin in 3/4 Time. The Waltzes and Mazurkas. How they’re the same – and different – and a few tips on how to … Continue reading

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The Back Room

It was a small war-time house with white wood siding and red trim. A few metres away sat a garage. The door was nearly falling off the hinges, barely protecting the navy blue VW bug inside. In June mature lilac … Continue reading

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“You think about the music … how lucky you are to be performing it”

There was an amusing interview with pianist Mitsuko Uchida in The Guardian last month. I happily discovered I share a couple of non-piano passions with her – the Tour de France and sudoku (“It keeps your mind alert but with … Continue reading

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Akademie Olympia – Einstein, Solovine, Habicht

A beautiful post about Albert Einstein at musiqdragonfly – a beautiful blog, one of my favourites. Enjoy the music – Einstein playing Mozart’s K.378, second movement.

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An inefficient form of entertainment

Classical music done the traditional way – expensive concerts and recordings – is dying. It has been for decades, really. Symphony orchestras that don’t adapt to a changing audience are suffering. A generation raised on YouTube is not interested in paying … Continue reading

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The Cat and the Mouse

The picture says it all. So does the music. The Cat and The Mouse by Aaron Copland. For awhile there it was the ubiquitous 20th-century piece in festivals, exams, concerts – wherever you needed that token bit of contemporary music. … Continue reading

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Competitions are for horses

I heard a brief interview with Elton John the other day. He is anti-competitions for the launching of careers. His main reason – kids are propelled to fame before they are vocally and musically and personally ready. They can’t handle … Continue reading

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Pedal to the metal

As an accompanist I was forced to learn a ton of music. Zillions of notes – sometimes overnight. Especially at those summer camps for strings. Students came prepared with things like the Franck Sonata or Ravel’s Tzigane, handing me the … Continue reading

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Rejoice. There’s a disconnect.

Thought I had my summer reading material planned. A couple of books by Harold Schonberg have been started but not finished – The Great Pianists and Lives of the Great Composers. I love his writing. He brings to life the … Continue reading

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Where are my glasses?

Over the years I’ve honed the whole recital thing logistically. I thought. I even wrote a post about it last year. Things generally go quite smoothly, as they mostly did three days ago. I was getting tougher this year – … Continue reading

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