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Viva la différence!

For teachers in Canada, there is a healthy, rich alternative to the ubiquitous exam system. Conservatory Canada is similar in the number of grades, theoretical subjects, general format, and credit in high schools. There are a number of striking differences … Continue reading

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An ethical and practical choice. It defines us.

“Talent is the result of highly motivated, focused, relentless practice, expertly guided by a master, over a long period of time. Given sufficient amount of excellent practice, innate talent becomes indistinguishable from acquired talent… “The notion that talent has a … Continue reading

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Lament for the Polar Bear

This stunning artwork by Alaskan artist Bob Patterson is on the cover of Susan Griesdale’s book of Piano Solos called Arctic Voices. She has captured the sound and feel of the Arctic in this collection – with pieces like Arctic … Continue reading

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We Rise Again

We rise again in the faces of our children We rise again in the voices of our song We rise again in the waves out on the ocean And then, we rise again. Raylene Rankin, you will surely rise again. … Continue reading

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Familiarity and exploration

“…the first-time listener needs an experience … they need to feel like there’s a journey and they need their dopamine (smiling) … you can get that through familiarity and you can get that through exploration and if a piece has … Continue reading

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The Studio Wall

Time to celebrate 2 more winners in the 50 Piece Challenge! Two wonderful students received a book of fun, fun music and got their pictures added to the wall. The one student was just bothered that he hadn’t been the … Continue reading

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The Impressionist artists created a whole new way of painting and viewing their world. A core group of painters worked together and influenced each other, and then inspired the musicians. One compositional technique that reflected the paintings was the whole … Continue reading

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The Hidden Treasure

The Easter weekend, the holiest time of the year for Christians, is upon us. The depth of this season has inspired so much truly great music. I remember one organist/composer/choral director commenting that his faith and his music were inseparable. … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Nerve?

So you want to write a fugue.You got the urge to write a fugue.                                                     … Continue reading

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Seasons – by Teresa Richert

Youtube is a fabulous source of many great recordings of many classical works and I encourage my students to look for recordings of their pieces. If I haven’t had the time to search for specific videos, I tell them to … Continue reading

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Wantin Somethin So Bad

Half-Blood Blues is a current best-selling novel by Esi Edugyan, a Canadian, as it happens. The story is about a few jazz musicians of various nationality and race caught in Berlin and Paris at the beginning of World War II. … Continue reading

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Ensemble Recital

Something new I’m working on this year is a full-scale duet and trio recital. I have a venue booked for the end of April and all students are paired up to play duets and/or trios. The students have been learning … Continue reading

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