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Pace yourself

I’m faced with an extraordinarily long teaching day. Sometimes this just happens. I want the mental energy to give my last students the attention they deserve. I have to pace myself. The majority of the day’s students are intermediate and … Continue reading

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A defense against mediocrity

“And if we look at the works of J.S. Bach – a benevolent god to which all musicians should offer a prayer to defend themselves against mediocrity – on each page we discover things which we thought were born only … Continue reading

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Rhythmic Dictation

We walked into the sterile theory classroom at the start of the 2nd term in 3rd year music. It was 9:00 AM, probably on a foggy Monday morning. It was the beginning of atonal music theory. The professor was leaning against his desk, silent. … Continue reading

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We are trapped in time

“With music, we are trapped in time. Each note is gone as soon as it has sounded, and it never can be recontemplated or heard again at the particular instant of rightness. It is always too late for a second … Continue reading

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The Joy of Music, Leonard Bernstein

My hiatus from blogging afforded me the time and mental focus to wander through some of the books on my Reading List. A joy to read was The Joy of Music by Leonard Bernstein. It’s been on my shelf for … Continue reading

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Beginner Performance Class: Focus on Ensembles.

This class took place at the end of October. Performance Classes were held again this week. Details to follow.  Beginner Class. Students: 3 girls, all with only 2 months of lessons, all age 7. Three different method books were represented, … Continue reading

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The Great Exam Experiment

I’m a believer in the piano exam system. It’s a motivator, it keeps teachers on track, it ensures students learn a wide range of repertoire style and technical and musical skills (depending on the particular exam system). Not insignificantly, it’s … Continue reading

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Congratulations are due

My daughter was part of the winning choir in their category at Young Prague 2014 last month. The announcement that the winning choir was “all the way from Canada” set off a storm of excited screams. Congratulations to the William Aberhart High … Continue reading

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Blow up your blog

Or, in my case: Practice the piano. Regularly. So many reasons to do this. Read more. The Great Pianists. Memoirs of a Geisha. The Lost World of Genesis One. Spend time – lots more time – with family and friends. … Continue reading

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A very generous policy

I stumbled upon this studio policy by a local teacher from a few decades back. I’m struck by the generosity, which overrides an attempt to keep some sense of studio management. This is an inspiration. Perhaps some of us have … Continue reading

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No tortoisian ambling, please

“Slow practice can be a complete waste of time if the mind is not working quickly. Simply to trawl through passages like a contented tortoise is a waste of the felt on your piano’s hammers. Good slow practice is more … Continue reading

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The luckiest person alive

“Every day, life is beautiful… Music is a dream… I felt this is the only thing that helps me have hope. A sort of religion. Music is God.” (Alice Herz-Sommer) Here’s an inspirational video about the oldest Holocaust survivor still … Continue reading

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