Blogs worth exploring

piano, music, cello, art, A few treasures I’ve discovered in the last few weeks:

Weird Music History – You won’t find a bio of Bach or Chopin here. You will find snippets of interesting trivia from Beethoven, the Beatles, and beyond – written/compiled by Robert Baldwin, Music Director for the Salt Lake Symphony. Definitely not boring history.

WordMusing - a rich assortment of poetry, stories, music (classical and not), inspiration, funny stuff, photography. Any hopes I had of cutting down on internet time are now dashed.

Musiqdragonfly ~ carpe diem. Music, poetry, art. An education for me that is pleasing to the eye.

Check them out when you have a moment – or a few hours :)


Image: singitlikeitis


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8 Responses to Blogs worth exploring

  1. leiaslessons says:

    I love checking out new music blogs & these sound so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for liking my blog, it’s so lovely that you introduce my blog, I hope your readers won’t be disappointed ….

  3. Well, thank you for the surprise! I wasn’t expecting to get a mention in your next post, really very kind of you, thank you! Had a brief look at the other two and they look very interesting, will check them out in more depth later, when I’ve waded through all the other recent posts!!!
    Suzy :D

  4. The Offbeat Oddity says:

    I love weird music history facts, thanks for sharing!

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