“I want to play the Moonlight Sonata”

“As to choice in the study of your pieces, ask the advice of more experienced persons than yourself; by so doing, you will save much time.”

~Robert Schumann

And then, for inspiration, listen to this. Listen – whether or not you have “permission” to study the third movement of the Moonlight.


Quote source: Tips from Schumann. Schumann, in addition to being a prolific composer, was a music journalist and critic. This is a lovely blog packed with his quotes and much more. To date there are 45 posts.

Click here for more music quotes.

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4 Responses to “I want to play the Moonlight Sonata”

  1. I really enjoyed this! :) I’ve always loved Moonlight Sonata, even when I was a child, but I have never investigated what more there was to that piece of music. I’ve just looked at a few more videos on You Tube, I’m not too keen on the second movement, almost sounds like it’s going to turn into a hymn – not a style I’m attracted to! But I love the third movement, very energetic, and a huge contrast to the first. So you’ve definitely helped me discover and learn something I should have years ago, thank you!

    Thank you for sharing this and also thank you for liking the Classical music page on my WordMusing blog, they have been a little lonely those video, I’m not sure anyone has even looked at them before!

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts and find your blog very interesting! You might like to know that I found your blog by putting in a search for poetry on WordPess, and up came your latest post! It’s strange how a few weeks ago I did a search for blogs on piano music, the list wasn’t very long, and I never came across your blog – very odd that, obviously the WordPress search facility isn’t very reliable!!

    Well, I shall be back again to read some more!
    Suzy :D

  2. Thank you so much, Suzy, for reading and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the Moonlight. Very odd – that WordPress search thing. I think I’ve been too specific in some of my tags. Thanks for letting me know that.

    I loved that celtic flute piece on your music page – I had never heard it before. Looking forward to reading and listening more of what – at first blush – is a blog right up my alley :)

  3. blogsfsm says:

    I’ve always loved Schumann’s tips for young musicians, and actually started posted them on my blog as well! That being said, I totally agree with you: Yes, study the music that your teacher assigns…but at the same time, explore everything! Thanks for the Perahia video. I’ve always loved his music-making and am proud to have the same Alma Mater as him!

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