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The loneliness of the artist

In the Abbey de Cuxa in Prades, I spent several glorious hours with the master of the cello. Our rapport was instantaneous – he trusted me to carry his cherished instrument. I was so moved on listening to him play … Continue reading

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Go home and listen.

Go home and find a recording on Youtube. Just make sure it doesn’t say “this is me playing…”  It should be someone on a stage. Even better if it just shows an album cover with no video. My words to … Continue reading

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The Piano. A symbol of high cultivation.

“Next to books, there is no inanimate thing in the house that can produce so much profitable pleasure as the piano. A library and a piano are symbols of high cultivation. These two spread that nobler banquet where the soul … Continue reading

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Strike the head with a hammer.

I tell my students to make up a story for the pieces they play. There’s no right.  There’s no wrong. They might need a prompt. Engage the imagination and let them fly with it. No story any student comes up … Continue reading

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The Piano Tuner

Richard is the fascinating story of travelling piano tuner who chooses to live outdoors. Shot in London, the film takes an alternative look at someone who treats the entire city as a home.   This film is part of the … Continue reading

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Too wild. Too free.

“The music of Africa is too wild, too free, too accustomed to death for romance. Africa is too crude a stage for the small scratching of the violin, too majestic for the piano. Africa is only right for drums. The … Continue reading

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Times have changed

  _____________________________________________ Source: Married to the Sea

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Keep those tools sharp

So you want to be a better music teacher? A few suggestions: 1.Personal Renewal Attend a music education workshop, seminar, or conference Enroll in a university or college music course Private music study – with a teacher or on your … Continue reading

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In the presence of a master

“Play always as if in the presence of a Master.” ~Robert Schumann _________________________________________________________ Image source: via The Music Point Quote source: Tips From Schumann

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The girl with no fingers

A fairly remarkable performance by a girl who has no fingers on her right hand. One always approaches these videos with some skepticism, but it looks legit to me. It’s rather annoying that the camera has panned out at the … Continue reading

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An ethical and practical choice. It defines us.

“Talent is the result of highly motivated, focused, relentless practice, expertly guided by a master, over a long period of time. Given sufficient amount of excellent practice, innate talent becomes indistinguishable from acquired talent… “The notion that talent has a … Continue reading

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At one with the world.

“Music modulates levels of dopamine in the brain which is a chemical responsible for reward and pleasure. It also modulates serotonin levels and norepinephrine, a stimulant. And in the right combinations, these can give rise to feelings of ecstasy and … Continue reading

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