A different, a terrible, a beautiful domain.

winter, sun, snow, sunlight, forestChopin left his Polish homeland at age 20, never to return. He lived most of his adult life in Paris, but his heart remained at home. His music is infused with his heritage.

His first scherzo – the genre that in Chopin’s hands became “a different, a terrible, a beautiful domain” – is tumultuous and agitated for almost 4 minutes. Then – peace, warmth and light – as a Polish Christmas carol emerges.

Lullaby, Jesus, O cease from crying
Here on Thy Mother’s warm breast softly lying

Lullaby, Jesus, O sleep now my treasure,
Mother is watching with love none can measure.

A choral version of the carol – it’s long. The first 1:40 is the whole tune.

Then – Chopin’s first scherzo (Opus 20) played by Yundi Li. The carol emerges at 3:50.


Quote: James Huneker, in the introduction in the Schirmer edition of the Scherzi.

Image: A Good Thing Happened


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5 Responses to A different, a terrible, a beautiful domain.

  1. smash2102 says:

    Hello from German i like Chopin thx :-) .I wish you yery Christmas and a happy New Year

  2. Diana says:

    Beautiful. Always enjoying your posts; inspiring and informative !

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