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Two Hits and a Miss

HIT. My Hydraulic adjustable piano bench. Moves up and down quickly and easily – multiple times in a lesson if necessary. No sore wrists from turning those knobs. No more stacking of cushions/book/foamy things. It’s a charm. Worth every cent … Continue reading

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Be compulsive. Be pathological. And be exuberant.

“Music suited me, because, I think, that in order to be a musician, one has to be compulsive. There is an innate compulsion, as in every other activity that requires a search for perfection. I think that all children who … Continue reading

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Risk appalling them.

Go ahead. Improvise. “The risk of appalling a few people who hear a couple of extra notes is more than balanced by the rewards of assimilating a language and bringing it alive.” Robert Levin in a lecture recital about improvising Mozart … Continue reading

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Live. From the Rodeo Saloon.

A delightful stop-motion video – a story taken straight from the pages of a western. Set to Hoe-down from Aaron Copland’s Rodeo Suite.

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Suicides, pranks, masterclasses

A lesson from Liszt’s masterclass. Franz Liszt invented the masterclass – a piano lesson in public – a format that remains popular today. Stephen Hough, concert pianist and blogger for The Telegraph, writes: “Not all of the students who travelled … Continue reading

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You win some. You lose some.

Reflections after the student Christmas Recitals. Win some: Best comment from a parent: “I can’t keep her off the piano. In the middle of dinner she has to get up to play a piece before she finishes eating.” Lose some: This … Continue reading

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Open my heart

From Pink Martini’s Christmas album – Joy to the World – a festive, non-demonational holiday album with music from around the world:  “Elohai, N’Tzor.” “My God, guard my speech from evil and my lips from deception. Before those who slander me, … Continue reading

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Strangely beautiful heartache

“There are … moments in many pieces we love — a fleeting passage, a short series of chords, some unexpected shift in a melodic line — when something occurs that just grabs us. I’m not talking about the obvious ones, … Continue reading

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A wild ride

You might think you’re about to listen to a nice classical piece of music while the score scrolls by. You’d be wrong. This is trippy. My daughter’s word. She shared this video with me. It had me literally moving my … Continue reading

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Musings on memory

Unscientific, anecdotal, and experiential musings on the five ways we memorize – in no particular order. We naturally have strengths in one or more areas, but I believe all should be developed and consciously thought through when we’re teaching memorization. … Continue reading

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