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Memory Issues

I don’t get it. Are some students destined to never be able to perform from memory? No matter how hard I work with some they just can’t do it. I’ve pulled out all the stops – worked on all 5 memory … Continue reading

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A Bonfire of Pianos

There was a glut of used pianos in the early 1900s. New pianos weren’t selling so the industry came up with a solution: they bought up the used pianos and burned them. Thousands of them.* There’s a glut of old … Continue reading

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It can’t be this simple. Can it?

“Could it be that simply performing and not interpreting the work (however unfashionable that notion might be at this moment in history) is to render to it the greatest service possible?” James Conlon*, music director of the Los Angeles Opera, describing … Continue reading

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Chromatic Scale Fingerings

Students love them. The chromatic scales. Once they get that 1-3-1-3 fingering going they can whip up and down the piano playing every single note at an uncontrollable, unstoppable speed. It’s even more fun doing them hands together in contrary … Continue reading

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Strength in my limbs and ideas in my brain

“I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am … Continue reading

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That Will Be The Day

This one will wake up your senses – lovely music and mesmerizing visuals. Thank you for sharing, Dave.

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A Birthday Present

It’s my brother’s birthday today. Cory is a violinist – the one with whom I learned to accompany string players. Music oozes out of his veins and his soul when he plays. After graduating from McGill University (Montreal, Que.) and … Continue reading

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Slow down, guys

Ritardando [It.; abbr. rit., ritard.]. Gradually slowing in speed, also indicated by rallentando. Ritenuto properly calls for immediate reduction in speed. (Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music) Image: A Composer’s Thoughts

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Talent in the Real World

If you or your student or anyone else you know is considering music as a profession, there are a number of good websites that give solid advice. Some are geared more to rock/pop/indie music; some are applicable to pretty much … Continue reading

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Another prodigy

A conductor this time. Seven-year-old Edward Yudenich from Uzbekistan conducting the overture to Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss. He’s cute as the dickens and clearly knows the music. The question is – who is following whom? The comments … Continue reading

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Honest Music

“I think it’s (classical music) one of last remaining really honest forms of music-making. We don’t lip sync, we don’t have light shows, we don’t have special effects, we don’t have anything to distract or add fluff. “We go out … Continue reading

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