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Chromatic Scale Fingerings

Students love them. The chromatic scales. Once they get that 1-3-1-3 fingering going they can whip up and down the piano playing every single note at an uncontrollable, unstoppable speed. It’s even more fun doing them hands together in contrary … Continue reading

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Honest Music

“I think it’s (classical music) one of last remaining really honest forms of music-making. We don’t lip sync, we don’t have light shows, we don’t have special effects, we don’t have anything to distract or add fluff. “We go out … Continue reading

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How to Plan and Run a Recital

I still believe in having a formal recital at year-end. Students have to prepare well, conquer nerves, and perform in front of a crowd. It’s a good growth opportunity for them, publicity for you, and a big reward for the … Continue reading

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In Defence of the Live Teacher

There are any number of studio music teachers who are embracing the technology to teach online, via Skype or a Youtube subscription series, and probably more ways that I don’t know about. I do applaud those who are seeking to … Continue reading

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Boring Piano Recitals

Someone has finally had the courage to say it. In print. Long solo piano recitals are boring. Seeing those words on my screen is producing guilt – and that’s the problem. Those of us who can change this state of … Continue reading

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Rules for Playing Bach

After finishing the book, I read the beginning. I sight-read both volumes of the Well-Tempered Clavier – and then read the preface. I should have started with it. The Associated Board edition is edited and introduced by Donald Francis Tovey, … Continue reading

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The Fun Factor

Thoughts about having fun have been clanking in my head all week. On Monday I heard a presentation that dealt in part with expectations that learning music has to be fun. The eloquent speech was given to our local branch … Continue reading

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