Tips for First-Year Teachers

A piano teacher asked the following question on the Alberta Piano Teachers’ Association facebook page. “I’m a first year teacher. What would be your one piece of advice? I absolutely love it and can’t image not teaching now that I’ve started.”

Here are some replies from some of the more seasoned teachers:

  • Be enthusiastic about every minute of every lesson… even if you are teaching Fur Elise for the 27th time.
  • Attend every workshop you can.
  • Begin building a varied library of supplementary materials for you students.
  • Observe other teachers teaching in their studios. Take notes.
  • Keep your studio well-organized… keep track of all the books that leave your studio… have firmly established studio policies… act professional.
  • Keep a studio binder with all your student info.

Another first-year teacher replied, “The one thing that has helped most is… research and planning. I’m also grateful to all the generous souls who share their experience and that we can share on the internet.” Amen to that.

For any beginning teacher who is considering employment in a music store, I encourage you to read Chad’s article at Cerebroom: “How MultiLevel Music Stores and ‘Schools’ Hurt Private Music Teachers.”

More tips are welcome – leave them in the comment box and I’ll pass them on. If you belong to APTA, come join us on facebook.

All the best, Laurel – welcome to the journey :)


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2 Responses to Tips for First-Year Teachers

  1. Great tips for teaching, coaching, leading, etc. #1 and #2 are crucial. Terrific post LaDona.

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