The real thing

Certain things are perfect the way they are. The sky, the Pacific Ocean, procreation and the Goldberg Variations all fit this bill, and so do books. (~Joe Queenan).  My blogger friend David Kanigan continues to post an assortment of awesomeness (my teenagers’ vocabulary continues to find its way into mine), including a recent excerpt from and link to an article by Joe Queenan about books. Click at the beginning of the quote for the excerpt and link to the WSJ article. Well worth it.

My own serendipitous find was in a used bookstore about 20 years ago. I found this pocket editions of a Handel oratorio - evidently well-used by an alto given markings in pencil and orangey-brown pencil crayon. A few rusty pin marks must have been the result of the singer being unconcerned about following along when she wasn’t needed. Otherwise it’s in good condition.

I wasn’t looking for a copy of this oratorio – I just liked that I could buy this beautiful folio for $5. It was when I got home that I found a treasure inside – a program from a Grand Performance of this work in the Anstige Memorial Institute back in March, 1908 – in the parish of Madeley, Shropshire, England, part of what is now the town of Telford. As luck would have it, I played in the magnificent abbey in nearby Shrewsbury when I was there accompanying a choir a few years back.

The program is printed with blue and gold ink, noting that a special train would leave Madeley Market after the Concert, or that Carriages could arrive for 10:15. I totally love the image of the whole thing – seen of course from the warmth and comfort of my modern home where I’m watching a blizzard rage, sipping coffee and reading a book.

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2 Responses to The real thing

  1. Thank you LaDona. And thrilled to see you mix it up with your posts… :)

  2. Thanks Dave. Never know how far to stray – considering 90% of my followers are other piano teachers – I do try to keep Seth Godin’s comments in mind…

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