Twitter and Pärt

I’ve been trying to understand the point of  Twitter. Think I’ve got it now. It’s about immediacy. Who is saying what right now? Where can I join in right now? You don’t need to actually scroll through all the tweets to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

I announced I was trimming my list of people I was following (all 36 of them) because I was getting too many Tweets. One daughter burst into laughter, the other rolled her eyes, and my son put his hand on my arm and said, “We love you, Mom.”  I know when I’m being patronized.

I have discovered a few blogs and music and other sites via Twitter – and I’ve enjoyed the odd “conversation” occasionally – and now I’ve found a charming little piece by Arvo Pärt. This is something a number of students would enjoy.

Twitter seems to be a nice little supplement to blogging.

Here’s the Pärt:

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