Mea Culpa

A week ago I posted my concerns  about working a couple of students too hard. I saw them again tonight. Predictably, a big improvement.

Looking over the assignments from last week I saw my main comment to both was to slow down and be accurate. I type up the assignments on my laptop as the lesson progresses, then print them and stick them in the binder. Evidently I was a bit hasty and inaccurate in giving the headline instructions to one student:

Oct 10       If you’re mistakes, you’re going too fast.

Clowning Around -  SLOW DOWN and read accurately.  Aim for efficient practice.

Intrada – grade 5 page 6 – HS once a day then HT a few times.  You MUST keep it very slow so that you learn it accurately…

I’m trusting that if he actually read it, he understood what I meant.


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2 Responses to Mea Culpa

  1. Ha! LaDona, I can relate- I’m the world’s worst typist and you should see some of the crazy thigs I write on assignment sheets……”play and cou”, “don’t forget to look at”, “MM=60 then”. My students don’t even question it anymore (thats pretty bad). They just come to the next lesson and say, “Miss Suzanne look what you wrote last week”.

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