Get the kleenex

Another incredible and completely unexpected performance from The X Factor UK. Based on Christopher Maloney’s size and speaking voice, I was expecting a rich baritone  – thinking, “Hmmm… how is The Rose a good selection for that voice?”

I was wrong. His voice and passion and performance will surprise and move you. Another feel-good video (I’m a sucker for these!). Thanks, Joe.

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6 Responses to Get the kleenex

  1. Joe Head says:

    LaDona, FYI, it was doing an internet search regarding Charlotte and Jonathan that first led me to your great website. Joe

  2. great advice; the tears are streaming down my cheeks …

    • LaDona's Music Studio says:

      You too, huh, Anake? What a bunch of emotional wimps we can be! I’m thinking it’s a good thing – experience the raw emotion – maintain that softness – humanity – all that.

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