Go, Random Stranger, Go

It could not have gone better. A picture perfect day in Victoria, BC – cool in the morning, but sunny. I was well-rested, well-fed by mom, and ready to go. My first half-marathon. In fact, my first organized run/race of any length.

The crowds that I thought I wouldn’t like were an issue for about 1 minute, then it was just nice to be running with that many people, feeding off their energy. Armed with advice and inspiration, I ran much better than I ever anticipated.*

What a journey this one has been – from the time Sue suggested it, through a number of posts and encouragement from readers, through the period where I thought I wouldn’t make it – culminating in a glorious morning. I’m so happy.

The spectators were amazing – encouraging everyone along the way. My favourite sign – Go, Random Stranger, Go! Love it! A boost of energy.

Thanks to Judy – a colleague who has become a friend through this.

Thanks to Joe – a reader and runner and music lover – for the amazing advice - and for an online friendship.

Thanks to Dave – blogger extraordinaire - whose workout inspiration videos fueled me through the last kilometre when my legs were burning.

And thanks to my dear husband, who pushed me out the door 11 years ago to start walking up Nose Hill. He’s been my biggest supporter and encourager. Love you, hon!

*For the record, 2:05:46.

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6 Responses to Go, Random Stranger, Go

  1. Congratulations LaDona. Well done!

  2. Wow. Congratulations. Walking is as far as I’ll ever get! Admiration from Ontario.

  3. Judith Elliott says:

    WAY TO GO!!! SOOO Happy for you. I had a ‘feeling’ you would do well. Congratulations!

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