I’m addicted

Thanks to the world of Twitter and specifically the tweets of Erica Sipes, I have found, devoured, and become addicted to another blog – MMmusing.  Michael Monroe is a pianist and college music professor in the Boston area. His blog tagline is “Michael Monroe’s Musings on Music, the Mind, Meaning and More.” His posts are informative and funny. There are meaty posts about all kinds of topics – performance, performance practices, opera, history, composers’ intentions, and so on and so on. He’s been at this since 2007 (why, oh why, has it taken me so long to find?) so there is a good archived collection.

I love his writing style – it’s casual (what I strive for when teaching history), he takes the dryness out of writings on music (really, who wants to READ about the details of a score when you can listen or play it instead?), he’s funny in a slightly irreverent, almost self-deprecatory way. His sense of humor does it for me. Music does not need to be all serious and intellectual. There are those moments, yes, but there is also a lot of joy and laughter along the way.

So – given that winter has arrived stupidly early – here’s Michael’s mash-up of Classical tunes in a 12 Composers of Christmas (2.1). The stick drawings and anecdotes about the pieces (keep your mouse hovering above the pause button) had me rolling on the floor laughing.


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