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Thoughts on Practice

A few thoughts on practicing from an article in the Wall Street Journal – an article that applies practice as musicians and athletes know it to other areas. Italicized comments are my own thoughts. “Practice lets us execute a task … Continue reading

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I saw the serpent that is eating your heart.

I bear no grudge, even though my heart may break, eternally lost love! I bear no grudge. However you may shine in the splendor of your diamonds, no ray of light falls in the darkness of your heart. I have … Continue reading

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Tips for First-Year Teachers

A piano teacher asked the following question on the Alberta Piano Teachers’ Association facebook page. “I’m a first year teacher. What would be your one piece of advice? I absolutely love it and can’t image not teaching now that I’ve … Continue reading

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Chopin:70 Mozart:5

75 minutes on the Horowitz Steinway. The actual piano that Vladimir Horowitz owned and toured with. Not 30 minutes, like I was expecting. My insistence on being early pays off sometimes – there was no one there before me so … Continue reading

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The Aquarium

It’s Performance Class week. It’s almost too easy for me by now – I almost feel guilty for how little I’m actually working this week. But these classes are so valuable. Last night one class was with the 9- and … Continue reading

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The real thing

Certain things are perfect the way they are. The sky, the Pacific Ocean, procreation and the Goldberg Variations all fit this bill, and so do books (~Joe Queenan).  My own serendipitous find was in a used bookstore about 20 years … Continue reading

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A spooky sound

Just in time for Hallowe’en-ish music – or any other music that could be conceived of as spooky – here’s a tip from Elissa Milne’s P Plate Piano beginner books via David McKay. Depress the bottom few keys without sounding … Continue reading

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Utter Serenity

The sky is a bit dark but it is utterly serene outside. The view I enjoy a few minutes’ walk from my place.   The music I wish I would have enjoyed in church this morning (sigh). A stunning recording … Continue reading

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This is how hope feels

This is a big deal. The personal piano of Vladimir Horowitz is touring North America and is in Calgary for 2 weeks. There was a recital tonight – students of APTA teachers were given the opportunity to play on this … Continue reading

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Brain Goals

This is your Brain… on Music.  Our studio incentive program for this year is off to a fine (well, slow – my fault) start this year. I have FINALLY got the pages in everyone’s binder. I printed this on 2 … Continue reading

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It has to be Bach

This showed up on Facebook this morning (Classical Musicians Everywhere) with the caption “Felix Baumgartner says Hello to The Piano Guys.” I love it. Yes – imagine what The Piano Guys could do with this! I’m thinking this has to … Continue reading

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Lament for the Polar Bear

This stunning artwork by Alaskan artist Bob Patterson is on the cover of Susan Griesdale’s book of Piano Solos called Arctic Voices. She has captured the sound and feel of the Arctic in this collection – with pieces like Arctic … Continue reading

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