Just relax

I managed to passively avoid the golf courses and driving ranges for most of the summer – until a couple of weeks ago. I was back at the driving range again this afternoon – trying to keep all the details straight. Bend knees, lift that club, coil, start with the hips, let the club do the work, don’t straighten up, follow through. Just hit the tee. Really, how hard is it to hit a 6-inch tee? Then the worst word of all – relax. Yeah, right.

Empathy for those adult students all over again. Relax.

My inner arm started hurting. I must be doing something wrong. Pain is never good. Or maybe I should have bulked up with weights before I started this again РI had forgotten how much force it takes to swing a golf club.

Tomorrow. Another day of teaching. Looking forward to it. And surely snow is on the way. Next spring – I must start swinging that club again before September.


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2 Responses to Just relax

  1. Keep at it. You are using muscles you haven’t used in some time.

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