Concert for Baby Bro

Here’s a picture that’s all wrong. Imagine – a girl with her back to us at a keyboard (from the looks of it, not a high-quality one) – sitting on an old chair, obviously way too low – not good for the development of proper technique – her one leg off to the side of the chair – looks like it might be in a bedroom maybe – hangers are littering the floor.

And yet – everything is right about this. Baby brother is listening. The girl is learning music. Someone is giving her a chance that many never had.

Dana at Kids and Keys posted the photo on her blog today as part of a photo contest. It got to me. I’m not reproducing it here but I encourage you to go to her site to see it. It’s probably no surprise that I voted for this one in the contest. Thank you, Dana, for the inspiration and the reminder of the big picture in all this.

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2 Responses to Concert for Baby Bro

  1. fame1444 says:

    Beautiful commentary, LaDona!

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