Yes, Virginia, There is a Line

I blog. Obviously.

I’m on Twitter. Or is it correct to say I have Twitter? I know my daughters have corrected me on this. Have to say – I don’t click on that little bird much at all – I know these posts appear there and I retweet the odd thing – even respond occasionally to other tweets – but mostly I can’t keep up.

I’m also on/or have Tumblr. I adore it – there’s some incredible stuff there. But this has to be the biggest drain on time that I’ve come across yet so I try to resist clicking that little t. I know I’m missing a lot of really awesome stuff, but I also know that the internet can suck away my precious time – time that could be spent with family, or at the piano, or with friends face-to-face, or reading, or just being…

Facebook. I’m there way more than Twitter and Tumblr. I don’t have a studio business page – only a personal page – but I do belong to a couple of Piano-Teacher-Related Groups. ┬áSerendipitously, I’m now Facebook friends with a number of people who somehow found this blog.

I draw the line at accepting Friend Requests from the parents of my students. It feels awkward when they know I’m ignoring them, but I am. They pay me to teach. Becoming friends with the “clients” can get messy – better not to go there.

Blogging is a bit different. It’s a really nice bridge between my professional life and my personal life – I feel like my life is somewhat more integrated when I blog. It struck me a short while ago that all my new friends in the last several years have been either other piano teachers in town, or those I’ve met – in person or not – through blogging.

This is working well for me.

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