These few things I’ve learned

1. Running 4 days a week is perfect. 3 is not quite enough and 5-6 leaves me more prone to annoying little injuries.

2. I’m counting on general euphoria and adrenalin to get me through the last few km of the half-marathon, which is rapidly approaching. I haven’t done more than 19k (2.2k short).

3. While I usually run alone, I’m seeing the value in training for this with a buddy or a group. Sometimes you need a little help. Looking forward to running along the Bow on Friday, Judy.

4. Running distance is way easier if you take those walk breaks.  I’ve embraced the run 10 min/walk 1 min. No heroics are necessary – especially for us newbs. The trick is to time the walks so that no other runners see me wimping out.

5. Running is the best stress reliever, bar none. Yes, mom – I know playing the piano is a great way to get rid of my grumpies – but running is actually even better. 

6. The music I listen to has a huge effect on my progress. Old and slow for the long runs – upbeat for the hills. My best sprints are more panic- or stress-driven than any natural inclination for speed. 

7.  People love being unexpectedly acknowledged. I greet everyone I see as I run along the paths – and love the way faces light up in response. It’s amazing how many people expect to be ignored.

 Running Llama credit

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6 Responses to These few things I’ve learned

  1. Old and slo huh? Love this post LaDona

  2. Judy says:

    ‘Other runners’ are probably thinking they should be smart enough to walk ocassionally too – 21.2 is not for wimps no matter how you cover it!

  3. Kerri says:

    I’ve been enjoying your running posts. I, too, have found that a good long run makes life seem sweeter and more manageable. I love the half marathon length. It’s long enough to take planning and yet not as overwhelming as a full. I hope you have a fantastic lead up to the race as well as a wonderful race.

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