Heavenly music

Amidst some conflict on several fronts in the last few days – none of which affected me or my family directly, but all of which were a bit unsettling – I felt the absolute need to listen to some soul-soothing music. I gravitated to recordings of oboe music and came across this. The opening scene – the water, the swans, the coloring of the foliage that suggests fall – is in perfect sync with the longing of the melody played by that instrument that does longing better than any other. Add a sweeping piano part (I’d love to play this someday) and a viola and it pretty much sums up everything.

Albrecht Mayer is the principal oboist of the Berlin Philharmonic. This is from a new recording called Song of the Reeds -the ┬ápiece is from the Five Fantasy Pieces by August Klughardt (1847-1902). I think I’ve just listened to it 5 times.

Time now to do some playing myself – and then get on with the day.

Image credit: Classical Musicians Everywhere Facebook Page

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4 Responses to Heavenly music

  1. Sandy says:

    That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, LaDona.

  2. Sunday Morning Like Soul Soothing. Thanks for sharing.

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