Positive ID and a couple of face-palms

After posting the You-tube video of the Amazing (Kid) Playing Better Than Professionals, reader and teacher and music-resource-link-curator Nancy DeHaven asked in the comments if anyone knew the pieces. One of those face-palm moments for me – I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to wonder! The 2nd piece was obviously Bach – the 1st sounded vaguely like an early-mid 1800s etude to me. So Nancy did the next best thing – posed the question on a couple of forums – and got a response from someone who looked through the comments on You-tube for further information (Nancy’s own face-palm moment).

So now we know. It was verified with a check on IMSLP. The 2nd piece is the Air from Bach’s Partita #6, BWV 830. Apparently both pieces are from the 2011 ABRSM Grade 5 Piano Exam book lists A1 and C1. Let me know if you have this book and can check the title and composer of the other piece.

I confess I didn’t get very far in the comments on You-tube. You have to really want to find information to get through all the crude, crass comments. Thank you, Nancy, for bringing this up and searching.

One more question came up on one of the forums – someone was wondering if this was a Suzuki-trained child. Surely, yes. I don’t know how a child this age could possibly have read and memorized works of this magnitude. And I have to say – my very favourite moment in the video is at the 1:25 mark – where he finished the 1st piece for the 1st time. His head is below the keyboard. I think my teacher would have approved.

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3 Responses to Positive ID and a couple of face-palms

  1. Joe Head says:

    LaDona, I stumbled onto an internet news item yesterday regarding this now 5 year old pianist. His name is Andy Lee and he is from Hong Kong. The first piece he played is something called “Flood Time” by Eric Thiman. There are a number of YouTube clips showing other people playing this same piece.

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