I’m in love…

… with the Bösendorfer. According to the ads, most concert pianists choose a Steinway – and the Steinway is in many ways perfect – but give me the Bösendorfer with its rich, warm, golden, yet clear, sound any time.

Regretably, I do not own one. Nor do I own a Steinway – or any grand piano, for that matter. One would need a house with adequate space not only to physically accommodate the size of the grand, but acoustically to do justice to the sound – giving it space to swirl around and bounce off other surfaces before reaching the ear and the heart. I don’t have that space.

I did get to play one this morning. And I loved every moment of it. The response of the keys was perfect – it did everything I wanted it to. It strikes me, though, that this is the wrong reason to volunteer to play in church more often…

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4 Responses to I’m in love…

  1. It is beautiful (even if I wouldn’t no what to do with it) :)

    • Thanks, Dave. I wanted to add an audio clip – although at this point I only know how to do the video clips – haven’t figured out how to do those little audio clips that you have. The sound just can’t be reproduced on these tiny computer speakers, so I left it at that.

  2. I’ve only played a Bösendorfer once and that was for my Grade 10 RCM exam. It was lovely.

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